For over the last 15 plus years, Tom Buhl has always been the first line of defense in the computer world, imparting wisdom and knowledge. Don't know how to do it? Call Tom. Can't figure it out by yourself? Call Tom. Why does this look so bad? Call Tom.

Tom's graphic and technical abilities are only surpassed by his incredible ease with new technologies and more importantly, people. He was one the first in Santa Barbara to see the benefits and possibilities of the digital environment and his pioneering spirit allowed the rest of us to follow.

Whether in the computer classroom or the office, Tom has always been a teacher. He is capable of patiently explaining the how to's of computer applications, systems and equipment to both the novice and expert.

His impact on the knowledge and confidence we have as digital artists and teachers today is immeasurable.

H.S. & E.C.

Throughout the years, my relationship with Tom has ranged from that of student/teacher, businessman/service provider, fellow competitor, and friend. I have received Tom's tutelage in areas of design and typography at SBCC and Adult Education, and in various small seminars programs.

The information is always well organized and clearly presented. His patience and persistence in assuring that the student comprehends the material he presents is unparalleled. Tom brings a natural enthusiasm for his subject and his students, providing courses that are informative and stimulating.

Tom is committed to his own ongoing learning combined with a generous sharing of that knowledge with others. To this day, when I donít know how a particular program functions, or how to solve hardware problems, I call Tom for his advice.

I am thankful for the many ways Tom has contributed to my professional success and the nationwide reputation I have enjoyed during the past two decades.


I was one of Tom's students in the late 70's in a typesetting design class. It was during that experience that I grew to love the printed word, and how to manipulate it on a piece of paper.

Since that time I have watched Tom grow his business from a small single person entity to a full scale graphic arts business. I have also watched Tom transition with the times, moving his business into the exciting field of education and teaching courses based on his extensive use and knowledge of multimedia software.

Tom's disposition and calm manner are ideal in an educational setting, and I believe his passion for excellence serves as a prime motivator for his students. I know it did for me.



  • I've loved taking these classes! Photoshop has been my favorite program and I'm looking forward to the rest of the lessons. The pace of the class is comfortable and my expectations are being reached. Great teachers. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your class.
  • It has been an enormous gift to myself to take time to get the proper training and acquire the skills to do the graphic design work I have always enjoyed so much. Your program has been wonderful!
  • I've enjoyed having Tom as my instructor. He's a real star. Besides his technical and artistic talents, he is up-beat and has good sense  of humor. I especially appreciate his sensitive manner at those times when I've been stuck.
  • I've never been afforded an opportunity to attend classes like this before and I'm very thankful for it. The teaching approach at your learning center is very much to my liking. I see myself acquiring significant skills at a very rapid pace. Thank you very much for making all this possible.
  • Your school is great! I have learned lots of cool stuff! I started in the business program and worked right through to the graphics course. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about this fascinating line of work.
  • I am really enjoying the program. It's great to be in such an intense learning environment. The trainers are super. They have always been ready to assist me and to clarify complex issues. I appreciate the never ending patience on their part. Thank you for the opportunity and all the support.
  • The atmosphere of learning is enhanced by the supportive and congenial staff, and an open communicative relationship amongst my fellow trainees. The instructors have proven themselves to be truly professional and gifted teachers.
  • The atmosphere is pleasant and your staff highly qualified to instruct the many programs. Being entirely self-taught in the past, this learning opportunity is a special treat to me.

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