Tom produces a
wide range of materials including web sites, Flash animations, brochures, catalogs, packaging and apparel graphics. Other artistic projects include travel writing, Santa Barbara Summer Solstice ensembles and I Madonnari Italian Street Painting (the image above of Tom & Crosby Buhl is from 2003).

Working in the communications and graphics field since 1974 has given me a glorious opportunity to work with an extremely satisfying range of people, organizations and projects. The technical aspects of this career has offered incredible problem solving and learning opportunities but working with people has been the real joy. Typesetting with Care & Consideration was a phrase we used with some of our marketing materials back in the 1970's. To this day I am still quite fond of the sound and feeling behind those words.

As my services and personal experiences have grown I'd like to add Sensitivity to that motto. I take pride and pleasure when receiving compliments on work produced or technical problems solved, but I really feel good when a client or associate says, "I feel that you truly understand what we are trying to accomplish."

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