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Designing and working with wood is a primary area of creativity. While only intended as a hobby I have created a number of pieces for friends and family. 

I enjoy woodworking as I get to work with my hands, explore design possibilities, work through production and inevitably opportunities for creative problem solving arise. I tend to work from general notion and/or constraints then modify the path as I move along the process. At times I create prototypes of entire pieces but more typically merely specific elements to clarify the process and areas requiring more thought.

My construction style is solid Arts & Craft bones (joinery) with a somewhat modern and personal take on the visual presentation. Old-School Modern, perhaps.

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H. Mahogany Esherick-inspired music stand
- more eclectic examples

Tools and shop accessories - for more.

Cabinets - more cabinet examples

Tables - more table examples

Walnut chairs - more chair examples


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