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Tom Buhl Typographers provided services to Santa Barbara creatives in many fields. Located in the Chapala Street Graphic Arts Center above Santa Barbara Photoengraving we enjoyed a constant stream of designers, publishers and their assistants. This was especially true prior to common use of Fax and then e-mails for communication.

Pride was taken in the minute details of typography while being responsive to the rapid, multiple turnaround required by advertising agencies. As the personal computer revolution bursted forth on our profession we were able to expland our client list to include more publishers. Capturing client's keystrokes allowed us to provide high quality typesetting for book and periodicals economically than previously possible with our small staff.

While expanding our reach, the rapid evolution of programs such as QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator foreshadowed the end of the trade typographer as a business. Short term new opportuntiies were created such as computer graphics training, color separatons, high resoluition scanning and many new printing options.


Tom Buhl Typographers eventually became Tom Buhl Computer Training & Imaging Center. Short intro and intermediate seminar style offerings lead to longer term intensive training in graphics as well as some business applications.

Over the years I have taught both continuing education and credit division courses at Santa Barbara City College, a few UCSB extension classes and was guest speaker for numerous trade shows and events.


The demand for trade services and formal training dissipated over time as did the need for a downtown location. I continued to offer design, production and occasional consultation from various home studios. Now well into retirement years I still enjoy providing graphics services for a few long-time clients.

I am into my 41st year of working with William Tomicki's ENTREE Travel Newsletter. His publishing schedule has gone from monthly, to bi-monthly (every other month in this case) and recently, quarterly. Naturally, distribution is mostly in electronic form, though some readers/clients highly value sharing printed copies with their guests. He supplements that with more immediate stories and travel insights in blog form.

For over twenty-five years I've enjoyed working with the Nike-sponsored, Tournament of Champions. That name/label is attached to a multitude of competition-implied programs and events, however, our version does earn its name. Their elite national basketball and volleyball events bring girls interscholastic and club teams together for the highest level of competition and outstanding exposure to college recruiters.

Our first project was a team photo & schedule poster for an upcoming season. Over the years, that evolved into a many opportunities: apparel graphics, web design, print media, recruiting guides, signs and banners along with more pedestrian forms, tickets and the like. Recently, most of my work is for printed media (delivered electronically) with occasional signage.

Beginning locally, they currently manage tournaments in multiple regions. Chicago for summer club tournaments and Phoenix during school year are the featured locations.

Partial client list from the days of trade typography:

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We provided Patagonia's art departent with trade services for catalogs, hang tags, postcards and much more over the years. Photoshop adjustments, color separations and film output for Access Theater's 18 year overview of artistic achievement and accessibility.
Promotional postcard for colorful services
TOC Media Guide cover spread
cst valverde
Center Stage Theater.
Tom provided design, production and assisted with editing.
Two ads for Val Verde produced for Montecito Magazine.
dream solstice
Tom produced newsletters for the Dream Foundation as well as announcements for DF events and publicity.
Added type and Photoshop adjustments when necessary for many featured artists. Many additional items were created using the year's theme.
toc06 toc07
Data sheet for Music Reference amplifiers
ENTREE newsletter cover
trans trans


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