We love the various Caribbean islands but are considering Bermuda for a change of pace. We’ve heard it is expensive. What is your take on this and do you have specific activities to suggest?

Bermuda is not particularly attractive for bargain hunters yet it has much going for it. Yes, costs are indeed high in Bermuda for many reasons but the present state of the travel industry and the proliferation of specials made possible through the internet make it quite likely to find attractive pricing.

Brilliant, turquoise waters, pink sand beaches, sparkling white rooftops nestled atop pastel-hued houses and the absolute civility of the island's people make time spent in Bermuda a comfort and delight. It certainly qualifies as a vacation spot, however, quite significantly, it boasts a strong and vibrant commercial economy. We believe this plays a large part in Bermudians’ gracious spirit. So while it is not the cheapest resort location you can find, the quality and value is there in abundance.

We enthusiastically recommendation a high speed, two-hour view of Bermuda’s entire scenic coastline complete with Rick Wynne's humorous but insightful narration aboard the catamaran aptly named the WildCat. This high speed romp is accompanied by pulsating rock 'n roll when at speed and some tasty classics when the hull is lowered into the tranquil coves and islets explored along the way. Music, views, sun, friends and speed put broad smiles on our faces. An incredible way to get an overview of Bermuda’s magic. The WildCat takes on adventurers at both Hamilton and St. George. Call (441) 293-7433 for a schedule or inquire through your favorite concierge service.

Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, is also home to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Their Ocean Discovery Centre has been extensively redesigned to provide a hands-on and interactive experience. Housing the most amazing shell collection, it is a fun way to learn of the history of diving as well as current technology. Upstairs you will find La Coquille restaurant for a breathtaking harborside view while dining or relaxing. Call (441) 297-7314 or visit for additional information.


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