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As the Tom Buhl Graphics business was winding downward I was fortunate to be able to write articles for a client's travel newsletter plus his various syndicated columns. Despite not having a passport until 2002, I was able to get lots of stampings over the next decade.

In addition to traveling for publishing, I visited Europe when my daughter was there for her junior year in Dusseldorf and a post-grad Fulbright year in Berlin. Those were convenient to explore other European cities and countries. Great fun.

Favorites included: Ireland, Belize, Budapest, Genoa, Tortuga Bay (Dominican Republic), Wit's End Ranch (Colorado) and  New York City (naturally).

Book Suggestions

Travel writers also read lots of books on travel and other cultures. For a sample of books I found valuable, check out Book Impressions.

Weaver at Maggie's in County Donegal, Ireland's northwest corner

Outside Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


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